Kelardasht Cultural and Artistic Center with capacity of 200-Person

Construction Site: Kelardasht

Area: 750 Square Meters

Employer: Mazandaran Province Red Crescent Society 

Kelardasht Cultural and Artistic Center encompasses conference hall, restaurant and relevant service and support areas. The building, which has been erected next to Kelardasht Red Crescent Administrative Building, is designated for conducting conferences, gatherings, celebrations and special ceremonies. The façade design indicates aluminum CNC sheets with Iranian arabesque patterns in certain parts as well as overall windows in all entrance and exit corridors that help making a visual contact with the outside of the building.Furthermore, the corridors beside conference hall assist in minimizing heat exchange with the outdoor, works as a filter, and in preventing the disruptive light transfer to the interior. In the meantime, the windows have not been disregarded in order not to give a sense of covered and absolute rigidity to the volume.