Emergency Operation Center - Headquarters Building (EOC)

Construction Site: Semnan

Area: 450 Square Meters

Employer: Semnan Province Red Crescent Society

Semnan Emergency Operation Center - Headquarters Building (EOC stands for Emergency Operations Center) is one of the buildings in which emergency operations shall be made decision and controlled under the supervision of Red Crescent Society. This two-story building, encompassing conference hall, administrative area, relief and rescue team room, communications and telecommunications center, residence suites and other service and support areas, has been designed for considering emergency situation and conducting crisis management council meetings at the time of crisis. Due to desert and semi-arid climate of this region and the big difference between day and night temperatures, brick and brown travertine are used to design the façade. Brick is definitely one of the resistant and proper materials that makes optimized utilization of natural energies possible. In order to adjust sunlight intensity, with regard to the light angle, volumes and empty spaces have been considered above the windows to create shadow and decrease the intensity of light in hot seasons.