Educational Complex, Faculty of Pharmacy, Kermanshah University

Construction Site: kermanshah

Area: 1,700 Square Meters

Employer: Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

This educational complex that has been erected in four stories in the hillside of the mountains adjacent to the campus of the University of Medical Sciences, comprises academic spaces and classes with 80, 60 and 40 student capacities, library, administrative sector, management sector and relevant service areas.

Due to traffic in various stories of the building, it is equipped with wide corridors, two stair boxes with proper width, large open landing with regard to the designated usage of the project and to have a suitable visual connection with the surrounding mountainous area, allover windows are used in the façade. The stone and brick, as the traditional materials, in combination with metal or aluminum CNC sheets with designed patterns used in producing the façade, has gave it an educational identification with the aim to make more attraction and create a specific building in comparison with other existing buildings in the university site.