Abadan Dialysis Center

Construction Site: Abadan

Area: 4,000 Square Meters

Employer: Abadan University of Medical Sciences and Healthcare Services

This center, encompassing four stories, is equipped with 82 dialysis beds and includes various departments such as clinic, laboratory, administration, dialysis hall, isolation department and relevant facility and service divisions.The plans of this complex provide various clinics in an attractive and pleasant site, depending on short-term and temporary patients as well as patients requiring more time at hospital and with regard to the relevant service area, hospitalization area, administrative department and the requirements for the patient’s attending family member. The building façade has been designed, with the aim of attraction, by materials including white ceramics, concrete-design ceramics, colored HPL sheets as well as vertical and horizontal aluminum elements. Considering the warm and humid climate of the region, ventilated façade system, assists in minimizing the exchange of indoor and outdoor.