Administrative Building, main Entrance Façade and connecting bridge of Pad Jam Polymer Development Company (ABS and RUBBER)

Site: Boushehr Province, South Pars Special Economic Zone

Area: 2400 Square Meters

Employer: Pad Jam Polymer Development Company

The administrative building, including main entrance façade and connecting bridge of ABS and RUBBER Complex of Pad Jam Company in second petrochemical phase of Pars Special Economic Zone, Boushehr Province, has been designed in six stories. It is mainly designated for administrative usage and includes administrative areas, VIP area and other support areas.Considering the local climate, designated usage of the property (administrative, guarding and healthcare) and the building’s location in Industrial petrochemical site, it has been strived to design the façade by using materials with high thermal and local humidity resistance to be proper for industrial environments. Accordingly, façade exposed concrete panel has been the best choice for this purpose.To design the façade concept, as indicated above, exposed concrete in triangular forms has been used, representing fire and human primary and eternal wisdom, in order to abide by climate conditions and the industrial nature of the property, by means of which immense human knowledge has been illustrated. Meanwhile, variety of form beside integrity at the same time, is another specification of the plan and location of areas in various floors that with regard to the straight and linear shape as well as proper plant coverage in various levels and balconies, has also created a visual diversity from the road and passageway which would create a specific unique attraction.